Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year New Goal...

Am I the only one who feels like they need to rob a bank to buy groceries these days.  man, they have gotten really expensive.  So that has made me think.... how much does it really cost to feed a family of four. That and I need to cut my grocery bill by at least 1/3!  It'll be a little easier now that little one has braces.  That will cut down on the junk food!

Today, I went to that store I hate, and won't name, to buy the can and box items and a few frozen things.  Then I went to Winn-Dixie, I love them, and bought my meat.  They have this wonderful thing where they put selected meats on sale for BOGO.  That's how a make my menu.  I buy whats on sale and build around it.

After I returned from the store I broke everything into meal portions and put them in the freezer.  Then I took a sheet of paper and planned a week worth of meals around what I had and what I bought.  In perfect honesty there are 3 things I have to go back for, but they are on sale so it's OK.

After I mad the menu, I took my receipt and figured out what each meal costs per person.  This has problems when you expect leftovers.  I didn't add in cost of making homemade baked goods or using rice.  I'll have to wait until I buy those supplies again and then figure it out.  So the cost may not be totally honest.  But it's the best I can do.

So what's on the menu for tonight?  Tonight is our splurge.

T-bone steaks  ($4.78 per person)
Roasted red potatoes ($.25 pp)
Broccoli ($. 50 pp)

For a total of $5.53 per person.

Now that assumes everyone eats a whole steak, which they won't.  At some point I see stir fry with the leftovers.

Happy Eating

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