About Me

I am wife and mother of 2 girls, 1 dog, 1 cat, and 2 fish.  I work part time, help st school and girls scouts, I sew, quilt, read, write, and everything else.  I love to cook.  I don't like to throw things together, even though that is what usually happens during the week.

I don't consider myself a foodie.  I'm a southern cook trying to balance what everyone likes to eat with what they should eat.  I don't make gourmet meals with unusual ingredients because it is expensive and the kids won't eat it.  I cook for the real work of home.

Being southern I loved fried food, I try not to fry often.  Unlike most southerners I don't like coconut, peanuts, pecans, or greens.  My mother's from Texas so growing up my food experience was different than those of my peers and that has influenced my love for foreign food.

I love seafood.  Unfortunately, a few years ago I had a terrible reaction to shrimp.  So that is one thing I won't cook...or eat.

I have a love affair with chocolate, my hubby dosen't understand!  I enjoy baking more than anything else in the kitchen.

I am not paid to write or sponser anything.  The views are my own. 

Thanks for dropping by.